Draft Programme of XIII edition of INTO Seminar

Innovation and Tourism International Seminar

Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities and Challenges for the Tourism Industry

First Day – November 29th

8:45h.- Accreditation

9:00h.- Official Opening: Balearic Islands Authorities

9:30h.- Keynote speechInternet of Things: State of the Art.

Speaker: Representative of Huawei (TBC)

10:30h.- Coffee break

11:00h.  -  12:30h.- Brokerage Event

11:00h.- Session I – IoT and the choice of tourism destination and supply

Moderator: Dr. Diego Medina

Speaker 1: Dr Ajay Aluri, West Virginia University

Speaker 2: Mr. Enrique Martínez, President of SEGITTUR (TBC)

Speaker 3: DirectorRepresentative of Mobaloo (TBC)  

Speaker 4: Representative of Microsoft (TBC)

Speaker 5: Mr. Dmitry Bagrov, Dataart UK Director (TBC)

12:30h.- Session II – IoT and Increasing Smart mobility at the destination

Moderator: Dra. Marta Jacob

Speaker 1: Dr. Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia

Speaker 2: Mr. Tomás Rodicio, CIO at Palladium Hotel Group

Speaker 3:  Representative of BMW (TBC)

Speaker 4:  Mr. Javier Machimbarrena, representative of Smotion

14:00h.- Lunch

15:00h.  -  17:00h.- Brokerage Event

16:00h.- Workshop – New business ideas and applications linked to smart mobility in the tourism and leisure sector

Mr. José Ignacio Aguirre and Mr. Javier Machimbarrena- Smotion

Workshop coordinators: Dra. Marta Jacob / Dr. Diego Ramón Medina

18:00h.-End of Sessions.


Second Day – November 30th

9:30h.- Session III – IoT and the tourist experience

Moderator: Dr. Joan Enric Capellà, Founder & CEO of SOM

Speaker 1: Mrs. Mar Muñoz, Tourism Big Data Strategist at IT Travel Services

Speaker 2: Representative of Concept Hotel Group

Speaker 3:  Representative of Artiem

11:00h.- Coffee break

11:30h.- Session IV- 5G and IoT

Moderator: Mr. Jaume Monserrat, President of Turistec

Speaker 1: Dr. Arturo Azcorra, Director of IMDEA Networks, Professor of Telematics at University Carlos III and Vice-President of 5TONIC

Speaker 2: Mr. Manuel Lorenzo, Head of Technology & Innovation, Ericsson Spain

Speaker 3: Dr. Luis Ignacio Vicente, Director of Telefonica Patent Office & Return on Innovation Manager

13:00h.- Round Table - Final conclusions and Future Trends of IoT.

Moderators: Dr. Marta Jacob and Dr. Diego Medina.

14:00h.- Lunch

15:00h.- Special session in the framework of the TouriSMEshare project - IoT and Sharing Economy

16:00h.- Close of Seminar

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